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Business Intelligence

Performance in your business with the analysis of useful information for decision-making

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What is BI?

Business Intelligence is designed to support business managers decisions through better use of information. BI today is an important tool for medium and large enterprises, as it brings flexibility, efficiency and accuracy in management consultations.

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BI Benefits

  • Get accurate information;
  • Get knowledge from a large volume of information;
  • Manipulating information interactively;
  • Access information anytime and anywhere;
  • Easily share information with other users;
  • Allow get information that possibly it would take weeks to be obtained by conventional means.

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More on BI

BI can use one or more tools for all your concepts can be put into practice. Each tool has a different purpose. Reports are used to display information regularly. The cubes to analyze information through different perspectives, compare information over time and discover trends. The Scorecarding allows create goals and monitor the performance of an organization by monitoring pre-established metrics. And finally, the Dashboards provide information in a way to become easily understood. All these tools need to work seamlessly in an organization.

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BI Technologies

We use two technologies with a strong presence in the BI market:
Oracle Business Intelligence and IBM Cognos Business Intelligence

Reports in JDE

Reports in ERP Oracle JD Edwards visually amazing and in only 1 day!

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What is ERP?

It is the acronym for Enterprise Resource Planning. ERP is a software that integrates data and processes of an organization into a single system processes like, for example, accounts payable, accounts receivable, sales, order entry, payroll staff, stock, cash flow and invoice issuance. All processes are integrated into a single software, thus reducing errors and costs relating to integration of information. ERP is widely used in multinationals a it facilitates the flow of information between different countries.

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What is JDE?

It is the acronym for JD Edwards and is an ERP solution offered by Oracle is widely used in medium and large companies.

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Reports in JDE

Many JDE reports are not yet visually appealing and require a long time to be developed. To overcome these obstacles, we develop reports using the Oracle BI Publisher technology which allows us to generate reports visually pleasing. In addition, our experience allows us to create reports in a time much more reasonable. 80% of the reports that we have developed are prepared in just 1 day.

MVP for Startups

Try an idea or product through an MVP

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About MVP

We have developed your idea or product through an MVP - Minimum Viable Product. MVP lets try and test your idea using the least amount of effort, time and resources. Thus, it is possible to validate the viability of product, business or idea. The MVP is widely used by Startups worldwide.

Systems and Sites

Simple, clean and functional
We conducted agile development of sytems and/or websites tailored.

Newsletter and SEO

Keep your customers close by have developed a simple and easy newsletter to manage and improve the positioning of your website on Google through SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

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